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You are a Warrior

As parents of children with disabilities, it is so easy to feel lost and alone. But it is during our darkest moments when our Warrior Spirits are born. It's the next morning when we get up and decide we’re going to try. It's when we can’t see the path in front of us but we take that first step anyway. It's when we speak up, even with shaky voices, and share our concerns. It's when we write that email or make that phone call or stand on that picket line. It's when we hold our babies through seizures and sensory processing meltdowns and in hospital recovery rooms. It's when we stay up all night researching and then dare to argue with doctors and therapists and IEP teams determined to get our children what they need and deserve. It is during those darkest of moments– when we feel least like a Warrior– that our Warrior Spirits are born.


Our mission at Warrior Advocates of Virginia is to help you build your child the IEP they deserve– one that will legally obligate their school to provide the accommodations, modifications, services, and related services necessary for them to make measurable progress toward their IEP goals and to gain access to the comprehensive educational curriculum which their civil rights demand.

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At Warrior Advocates of Virginia, we envision a future where no child with a disability is denied equal access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) underneath the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Additionally, we envision a future where every school division creates accountable individualized education plans (IEP) for every eligible student in their jurisdiction, and commits to follow them with fidelity. 

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